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VEESHA Wedding Design  & Hire

Dedicate for innovation:

hot air ballon wedding, ice glacier wedding, dreamy rustic wedding, vineyard wedding, cathedral wedding.

Name anything you can think of!

For years, we put our profession and dedication to create unique yet unforgettable wedding ceremony in this beautiful land – New Zealand.
We are the first team to put arches on the elevation of 3000 metres snow covered mountain.
We are the team to build up a wedding ceremony inside the ice cave.
We are the team who are working with Tourism New Zealand, D.O.C, vineyards, church, helicopter companies, estates, resort and farms.
We are the team to provide the highest quality service!

Redefine High Quality and Good Price

We value your needs – every penny will be well spent, and we ensure that the service and the quality of the goods meet your expectation!

We do customise your dream wedding – the requirements for accommodation, decoration, venue selection… be wild and feel free to talk with us!

Because for us, this is not just wedding planning, it is all about creating and celebrating the happiness with you.

Why Us?

Love is something that is worth fighting for.

Bring your dream wedding to live is something we carry through.

Have you ever dreamed about being the dazzling princess on your big day?

Have you ever wanted to be in the extraordinarily scene of Lord of the Rings?

Our team leader grew up in a family with artistic demeanour, has design background and highly experienced in the wedding industry. Seeing dream weddings come true, hearing couples’ laughter with delicate rose scent in the air, is what we have been doing delightfully for six years.

Trust us, we understand your needs more than you do!

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I cannot image my wedding is hosted on the glacier which is my old dream since childhood


The heli-wedding is so amazing, the view of Queenstown is so fantastic! My wife and I love it!

Mr. Jiang

I was in NZ a couple of years ago, now I get married here, I so like the canyon wedding, cozy and private and stunning landscape!

Ms. Gai