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Dress&Suit&Accessory Rental Form 2022-09-29T17:07:30+13:00

1. Rental Reservation Fees: Renter will be charged a nonrefundable deposit of 20% of the rental fee a month prior to the event to reserve item(s). If the event occurs within a week of the rental, the full rental fee is expected.

2. Hiring fee: The hiring fee discussed is subject to change without notice and is payable on or before the last week of the particular event.

3. Rental Cancellation Fee: If the rental is cancelled before the event week (7 days), no additional fee shall be charged; however if the rental is cancelled within the event week you shall forfeit 50% of the rental fee paid.

4. Security Deposit: Each gown/accessory hired out requires a security deposit amounting to the cost price of the gown/accessory less the hire fee. The security deposit is held and is not processed except in the event of nonreturn or damage. In cases where the refundable security deposit is paid by credit or debit card, a period of forty eight (48) working hours will be required to process and make the full refund.

5. Dress/Suit/Jacket/Accessory Return: Please return the dress/accessory to Ellens Bridal. at the end of the event if possible, or within four days as agreed. Beyond four days, a fee of 15% of the hiring fee per day will be charged unless other arrangements are made.

6. Failure to Return Fee: If for any reason the gown(s) (and accessories) is not returned 14 days after the agreed date, the security deposit placed shall be forfeited in full.

7. Loss or Damage: The renter is solely responsible for the safe care and return of the gown(s) and accessories in good condition, and the renter shall bear the entire risk of loss or damage to the gown(s) and accessories.

8. Damage: Of course, normal wear occurs, but if there is significant damage to the gown/accessory, either a reasonable repair fee will be assessed or a compulsory purchase of the gown/accessory (at a fair price to be determined by Ellens Bridal.) will be required. The customer agrees that it is at the discretion of Ellens Bridal whether the damage is sorely to be deemed accidental or not. Goods are hired to the customer on the understanding that they shall be returned in an undamaged condition and the customer will be responsible for, and indemnify Ellens Bridal against, any loss or damage to the goods whilst on hire.

9. Title to Gown(s)/Accessories: Veesha Wedding retains ownership of the gown(s) / accessories until such time that the ownership is transferred through a billofsale.

10. Alterations: There are no alterations of rental gowns/accessories.

11. Final payment before collection: Any outstanding security balance must be paid in full by the customer upon or before collection of the gown(s)/ accessory(s)

12. Confirmation: The customer warrants that they will arrange for all hired items on their order to be checked for correctness of size, color and style whilst collecting items to ensure that all items are correct, complete and in good condition.

13. Payments: All payments should be made either by cash, Internet Banking or card.



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